2023 Vegan Camp

This year’s venue: Diglea Camp Site, 32 Beach Road, Snettisham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 7RA

Friday 28th July – Sunday 6th August 2023 (10 days, nine nights)

(Please note that all booking must be done through us rather than the camp site).

You can visit their website to see the facilities there.


Vegan Camp is a friendly and enjoyable annual social gathering for singles, couples and families. Each year we choose a new location with people coming to stay for day visits to the full two weeks.
For the past 41 summers, a group of vegans (and those willing to be vegan for at least the duration of the camp) will have met at numerous venues throughout the country.

 We usually have between 100 to 160 people who come to stay over the 2 week period. Many of us have been coming for 20 years and more, whilst many others are more recent. Russell Howard and John Strettle have each attended 39 out of 40!

We are a diverse group whose ages range from babies up to those in their 80’s, with singles, couples and families attending. Some people come every year. Some come when we are in their area.

What is consistent is the friendly, helpful and fun atmosphere at our camps. . We have many children attending each year and it is an ideal time for them to meet other vegan children. Children and adults too form many friendships at the camp.

Looking forward to meeting you at the campsite …


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